Why are we increasingly signing documents?

Because that’s part of the process…


A successful collaboration starts with mutual trust. When you have that sense of trust, great agreements can be made. Agreements about the role of the two partners and how they will handle confidential information. At SixPointTwo, we are open and clear about this. From the very first introductions.

SixPointTwo’s added value is that we can be a high-quality link in the production process of commercial companies. Clients who outsource part of their production process to us can count on the pre-agreed quality and cost efficiency. Ideal if the client urgently needs extra production capacity.

Our role
In effect, we are a link in our customers’ production chain: nothing more and nothing less. In this way, we are active in the AV market, the EV (electric transport) market, agriculture, mechanical engineering, intralogistics and automotive, among others. We showcase SixPointTwo’s experience in specific industries and environments in the presentation we provide to a potential client during the introduction phase. That is not to say, by the way, that we limit ourselves to these markets. On the contrary, SixPointTwo has a universal production facility. And this allows us to be a link in our customer’s production chain in other markets as well.

NDA: logical and useful
Given the role described above, we consider it quite normal when a client asks us to sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) before we start work. After all, the customer is letting us collaborate on a product with particular features that distinguish it from competing products. Naturally, the client wants to guard and protect these unique features. So, it is logical he draw up an NDA to protect his intellectual property, technical know-how and drawings, among other things.

Benefit from our manufacturing experience
Obviously, we abide by the NDAs we sign. This guarantee is indispensable for our customers. If other parties in the same industry want to work with us, we can also enter into an NDA with each of them. They then benefit not only from the assurance that we are a reliable partner but also from our experience. In fact, we are already familiar with the customs or codes in areas, such as production and level of finishing that every industry player knows and considers to be normal. So they can expect us to quickly play our part in their production.

It goes without saying that we want to satisfy every new customer’s need for confidentiality. Naturally, we always agree to sign a client NDA that is reasonable and appropriate for the intended collaboration. In fact, an NDA gives us the clarity we need to do our work with integrity. For the client, the NDA offers the assurance that confidential information remains confidential. That confidentiality is guaranteed at all times. If our collaboration is terminated, we return all data carriers containing sensitive information to the client. After all, honesty is the best policy…


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