About SixPointTwo

SixPointTwo was founded in 2009 by two enthusiastic Dutch entrepreneurs who wanted to respond to new developments in the semi-finished metal market. Major changes are taking place in the needs and wishes of customers in complex supply chains. For example, customers want to do more with fewer suppliers, and they increasingly prefer nearshoring over offshoring. In addition, they set up parallel supply chains, which allow faster response to specific demands. This ensures a shorter time-to-market.


SixPointTwo effectively responds to the changing market demand. Thanks to our modern production facility in Humpolec (Czech Republic), customers can profit from:

– an excellent ratio between productivity and labour costs;
– a positive relationship between flexibility and transport costs;
– the deployment of well-trained, motivated employees.

This translates into competitive advantages like quality, short lead times, cost efficiency and delivery reliability (98.6%).


An increasing number of customers are making use of our services. We have experienced strong growth from the very beginning. Each week, 9 trucks carry products from Humpolec to customers in Germany and the Netherlands, among others. By the end of 2016, we had executed a total of 22,430 orders, completed 2,700 projects, and manufactured 648,137 different components. In 2016, SixPointTwo had 73 permanent employees, and we achieved a turnover of 10.2 million euros. SixPointTwo is now a group comprising companies in the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, and Romania.


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Lnářská 1825, 396 01 Humpolec


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Lnářská 1825, 396 01 Humpolec
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