Want to ensure you don’t lose precious time?

Do the critical component check!


You want to deliver sold goods to your customers as quickly as possible. SixPointTwo can support you in this as part of your production chain. We are happy to work with you to optimise and manage the lead times of modules and products. “A complex market situation makes it difficult to make reliable forecasts. That’s why we work with you to find structural solutions that save you time and money,” said Willian van Eerd, CCO of SixPointTwo. “For instance, having critical components stocked at SixPointTwo could be an efficient solution.”

Lead times are a recurring topic of conversation, both with prospects and customers. “We always cover this topic from the start, even during the introduction phase with potential clients. To find the optimal solution, we do a ‘longest lead time’ analysis or perform value stream mapping.”

Longest lead time analysis
The longest lead time analysis provides insight into the part of the production chain in which SixPointTwo is involved. “First of all, we discuss the desired lead time of the product that SixPointTwo is making or could make for you. We then screen the item’s production process for components that slow it down, i.e. the critical components. These are often purchased parts with long lead times in complex composite products. For instance, this might include a special sensor or electric motor we have to source from China. To eliminate the delay, we draw up a proposal for stocking these bought-in parts. At SixPointTwo, they are then immediately available for processing, which reduces the lead time for your product.”

Exclude risks
The proposal SixPointTwo draws up for you, as a prospect or customer, will include multiple stocking options. “Based on that, you decide which risks you want to exclude. We then carefully adjust the quantities of stock accordingly. For example, one such risk is damage risk. You want to avoid having to postpone revisions or upgrades to your products because there is still a lot of stock. However, you also want to eliminate the availability risk. Because the critical components have to be in stock when you place an order with us.”

Once the final choice is made, SixPointTwo organises the solution and maintains the desired stock of critical components. “We keep our finger on the pulse of market conditions at all times because these are so changeable. We talk to you regularly about the current stock requirements needed to keep lead times to your customers as low as possible.”

Value stream mapping
Value stream mapping goes a step further than longest lead time analysis. “It involves regularly mapping the overall production chain. This is how we scrutinise the overall lead time of the project and the product. We go beyond just the process at SixPointTwo, we map the production chain from start to finish. This gives us insights into where value is added to the product. On this basis, we can then identify where decoupling points should be located and what is required to realise this. Particularly in complex production chains, value stream mapping is incredibly useful,” said Willian van Eerd. “It clarifies where unnecessary intermediate stocks are held. It often transpires that substantial savings in both time and costs can be realised.”


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