Shorter time to market?

In the Czech Republic, they are speeding things up!


No doubt they are in high demand – industrial suppliers who guarantee top quality, speed, and production efficiency. And you frequently hear how difficult they are to find. Is that really the case? More and more companies are finding suppliers in the Czech Republic, for example, which in recent years has risen to the top of the global market when it comes to industrial production.

The Czech Republic’s industrial sector continues to grow. This is mainly due to its high-quality workforce, its excellent education system, and its strong focus on knowledge and innovation. No wonder a growing number of Dutch entrepreneurs feel at home there.

Capitalising on new developments
One such entrepreneur is Marco Wielink. He was there early on. In 2009, together with Roy Janssen, Marco founded SixPointTwo. “We wanted to respond to new developments in the market for semi-manufactured metal products. We specifically noticed that the requirements and wishes of clients in complex supply chains were changing significantly. Clients, for example, started working with fewer suppliers. Moreover, they increasingly started using nearshoring and parallel supply chains to enable a shorter time-to-market.”

Dutch entrepreneurship and Czech craftsmanship
With their sales office in Weert (Netherlands) and the production site in Humpolec (Czech Republic), SixPointTwo is able to provide customised service to a steadily growing circle of clients. Sheet metal working (aluminium, steel, and stainless steel), powder coating and assembly are the three mainstays in this respect. “Our Czech professionals are excellently trained and highly motivated. They work with state-of-the art machinery and equipment. We are able to make components exactly according to client specifications, based on 3D drawings. Depending on client demand, we produce unique specimens, small series, or components in medium-sized series.”

World-class components
Components manufactured by SixPointTwo feature in products and systems that are used around the world. “Consider, for example, conveyor belts in large airports, parcel-handling systems for global delivery services and e-shops as well as AV screens that international companies use for presentations.”

2024: speeding up thanks to automation
At SixPointTwo, high-quality automation plays a major role in all their processes, from ordering to production. “A short time to market is essential for our customers. That is why we are continually looking for ways to make the process even faster. In early 2024, we will hit warp speed. From that time on, the data from the 3D drawings supplied by our customers can be digitally (and therefore directly) assigned to the article numbers of the components to be made. Manual entry of article numbers will no longer be necessary. This saves time and improves accuracy.” Later on in 2024, production will also step up the pace. “We are going to automate several parts of the production processes. This, too, will save time.”

Assembly is becoming increasingly important
SixPointTwo aims to optimise its contribution towards the clients’ supply chains. Assembly is an increasingly important service in this context. “As a result of the current scarcity on the labour market, clients are increasingly outsourcing assembly work. All of the components we make for a client can be combined with mechanical, pneumatic, and/or electrical parts if required. Our assembly specialists can assemble complete modules as well as complete products.”

Doing business in your own language
“The ability to change gears quickly is crucial for our clients,” Marco continues. “All our clients have just one permanent contact at our sales office in the Netherlands from the start. Our employees not only speak Dutch (their native language), but they’re also fluent in German and English. They translate your requirements and wishes for our colleagues in the Czech Republic.

Good employer
SixPointTwo also focuses on ensuring optimal working conditions. “We invest in our people and encourage them to develop further. We also work on team building and the vibe in the workplace, with social activities outside working hours.” The CSR policy is based on six core values. “The core values One team, one task; A passion to serve; We are professionals; and A passion to serve speak volumes about our professional attitude and our drive to deliver excellence as a team. Our two other core values are Safe base and We care. We feel a sense of responsibility for each other and the health and safety of colleagues always comes first. We also provide a workplace where every employee feels safe.”

Care for Ukrainian employees
Unfortunately, the core values We Care and Safe Base are more topical than ever. “We have employed Ukrainian staff for many years. During the first days of the war, we helped them support their brothers and sisters in Ukraine. Among other things, we arranged evacuations and housing and provided employment where possible, at SixPointTwo or other companies in the region. We also offer our Ukrainian employees and their families access to our company lodge, Country Hill, located in the heart of the Krokonoše mountains. We empathise with each other; that also defines SixPointTwo.”

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