From 3D design to product: that’s how it works

Edwin de Graaf on Bredenoord’s relationship with SixPointTwo:
“A great, well-organised company that fits perfectly with our needs.”


Bredenoord’s energy solutions are used every day around the globe. This includes generators and battery packs for temporary and mobile power at major international events, such as festivals and sports tournaments. Bredenoord’s solutions have proved their value in construction and infrastructure projects and as emergency power supplies for firefighting organisations, hospitals and data centres. “We develop all these solutions in-house. Which is why we have an R&D department with 30 employees,” explained Edwin de Graaf, product manager Power Generation and Distribution.

Bredenoord has been around for over 85 years. The family-owned company is headquartered in Apeldoorn and has branches and depots in the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark and Austria. It also collaborates with several international partners.

Bredenoord offers different types of generators for supplying power. Customers can rent or buy them. “Besides generators running on ordinary diesel, we also have generators running on HVO, renewable diesel that is CO2-neutral. We also have generators that run on biogas derived from sewage treatment. It’s a really clean fuel perfectly suited to engines. We also offer methanol-based and hydrogen-based solutions, among others. The most appropriate solution for any given situation depends on several factors, such as customer demand, location and applicable emission regulations.”

Smart solutions
Bredenoord is actively involved in the development of even cleaner fuels. “At the moment, it’s still very difficult to offer solutions that are 100% fossil-free ’from well to wheel’ in our market.” However, Bredenoord’s customers can count on energy solutions that offer optimum performance and minimise environmental impact. “For example, we can work with a combination of generators. When less power is needed, such as at night, it can be provided by the smaller generator. For the higher daytime power requirements, you then use the larger generator installed alongside. Another smart solution is to combine a generator with a battery pack that reduces fuel requirements.”

Rental and transport
Renting solutions for temporary and mobile power is by far the largest market for Bredenoord. Transport plays an important role in this context. “We have 40 lorries of our own and also hire trucks and aim to ensure that all our lorries are as clean as possible. We are moving towards the use of electric cranes for loading and unloading products. The battery pack for these cranes is charged on the move. At the construction site, there is then no need to run a diesel engine for this purpose.”

Protecting products on the move
Various Bredenoord products are transported to clients. Besides generators, battery packs, distribution boxes and transformers, charging masts and cables are also supplied. “All these products were designed down to the last rivet by our designers. The same applies to the rental production frames (including enclosures, canopies and containers) that protect the products.”
Production and assembly of both the products and rental production frames are outsourced in part to various partners. SixPointTwo has been one of these partners for a year and a half. “We provide the supplier with a 3D drawing so he can see how a subproduct must be made and what operations are required to do this.”

Cable reels
SixPointTwo’s first assignment was to make cable reels. “We developed a handy cable reel that customers can unwind and rewind themselves. This ensures the cable is well secured. Moreover, the reel can be secured to the lorry’s attachment system embedded in the floor of the loading area. We designed this certified, bayonet-based system ourselves.” The cable reel is pallet-sized and made of fully hot-dip galvanised steel. It’s safe to say it’s a robust utility item. “And that’s a must because cabling is an expensive and damage-prone component.”

Cabinets for charge points
SixPointTwo has also made cabinets for charge points from Bredenoord. “Electric car charge points are used at locations, such as construction sites and at events. The cabinet consists of an outer frame that is cut, edged, welded and then galvanised. It will also contain an inner plate to which a charging unit will be attached. SixPointTwo made and assembled this steel structure. It was then shipped to the Netherlands and we installed the charge points: two per cabinet.”

Added value:
The first assignment clearly confirmed the added value Edwin de Graaf expects from SixPointTwo: “We supply a drawing and a product comes back: that’s exactly what we want,” he said. Our visit to the production facility in Humpolec also filled us with confidence: “It’s a great, orderly company that is well organised. It is peaceful and quiet. Everything is ready and materials are labelled. The staff can work quickly, efficiently and ergonomically. When I see a company like that, I know it will suit us.” However, a long-term relationship requires much more. “We want to build robust relationships with our trusted partners. And you can rest assured; mistakes will be made on both sides. But what we think is important is that you investigate these together, as partners, and then figure out how to solve the problem. We can sort out how to deal with the corresponding costs afterwards. We experienced this when there was an error in one of our drawings. We now know that SixPointTwo takes this approach too.”

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