Building your future: how do you do it?

Štěpán Romanovský, junior technician:
“It’s the ideal job to learn and gain experience.”


21-year-old Štěpán Romanovský has only been working at SixPointTwo for six months. In this short period he has already got to know many facets of the company. Meanwhile, his work is becoming more and more interesting and challenging. And that is exactly what he wants, because Štěpán has a clear goal in mind: “I want to set up my own company.”

Two years ago he had a part-time job at SixPointTwo during the summer holidays. He performed various activities on the laser cutting machine: cutting sheets, changing sheets and programming the machine. “When I left SixPointTwo, they said: if you want to come back to work here, there will always be a job for you.”

Back to SixPointTwo
After his summer vacation, Štěpán completed his secondary school education first. Technology was an important part of his specialisation. “I learned the basics of the machines: how they work, how to make calculations upon which you can base the programming, and how to prepare everything for production. I also learned how to make production drawings.” After graduating, he went to college. “It wasn’t really my thing. It wasn’t that the study was hard, I just found it boring. And that’s why I decided not to continue.” When SixPointTwo approached him, the choice was quickly made. “The atmosphere is friendly and relaxed, I had already experienced that previously. Work colleagues are more than happy to help you if you need anything.” Another factor to consider: everyone knows everyone. “I previously worked for a company with more than 3,000 employees. I was nothing more than a number to them.”

More responsibility
Štěpán started his new job in September 2022. Initially he performed simple, practical tasks, such as dropping things off, printing drawings and carrying out preparatory work. Gradually, however, he has been assigned increasingly complex tasks says his supervisor, Quality and Technology Manager – Karel Bartasek. “We now ask him to check procedures, participate in calculations for new products, and solve technological problems in consultation with the Dutch office. And he now participates in meetings about the production of new parts.”
He can usually be found in the office but, depending on the assignments he receives, he also goes out to the production departments. How does it feel? “It feels good. I have much more responsibility now than I did when I was here part-time. Solving technical problems in production is fascinating work. I communicate about the projects with the office in the Netherlands by e-mail and phone. And I recently worked at the Dutch office for a few days.” And there is even more that pleases him. “I can use my English language skills when I am talking with my colleagues in the Netherlands; I like the English language.” The mentality at SixPointTwo also appeals to him. “The quality always comes first, small project or large project.”

From his current position, Štěpán is already looking ahead. “A job as a Production Manager appeals to me. The Production Manager supervises production for various customer projects. It is his/her your responsibility to ensure the people at the machine can perform well so we can deliver optimal quality to our customers.” But in the meantime, Štěpán is learning plenty. “I learn what is involved in the production processes at various places in the company. This means I can study SixPointTwo as a company at the same time. This is how I am trying to develop myself.” Karel Bartasek has seen Štěpán grow: “Štěpán is developing steadily and trying to get as much work done as possible. I give him advice on where to look for information. In my opinion, allowing newcomers to do the research themselves is the best way to guide them. This is how they learn the most about their work.”

Dream: owning his own company
A future after SixPointTwo: Štěpán is already thinking about it. “I want to set up my own company. A company that specialises in the production of small parts for complex projects.” Why does he want to become an entrepreneur? “I don’t want to be employed by a big company; I think it would be nice to grow with my own company. And if possible, I don’t want to work all my life. If I’m successful, I won’t have to. But the most important thing for me is the freedom you have as an entrepreneur.”
And Karel Bartasek believes this is not an unrealistic vision of the future. “This position will give him a broad perspective on industrial production, and he will gain a lot of experience. In addition, there are many machine companies in the region. If Štěpán remains as passionate about his work as he is now, he will certainly find a future here.”

Save your money first
My own company: I haven’t got that far yet. “I need start-up capital; I am saving for that. In addition, I am immersing myself in everything else required to set up a company.” His development continues at SixPointTwo. “I am learning how to communicate with other people, such as my Dutch colleagues and customers. I am also learning about how audits work; I recently contributed to a few audits by supplying data for the auditors.” And there is still plenty of challenges for me at SixPointTwo: “I could work here for years without realising it: time just flies by. I like the atmosphere; we talk and have fun. At the same time, I work hard, just like my colleagues. It’s a great place to work.” But it’s so much more than that: “This is my first real job: the beginning of everything.”


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