The Netherlands and the Czech Republic: the best of both worlds

Do you want to do business? We speak your language!


“Praat Nederlands met me”, sings Kenny B in his number 1 hit Parijs in which he sings about how nice it is to meet someone that speaks his native language. After all, it’s best to talk about important matters in your native language. And with someone who understands exactly what you mean. One such interlocutor is SixPointTwo. Customers of SixPointTwo can get the best of both worlds: the Dutch production and process control method, and the Czech work ethic.

A fruitful business relationship starts with good communication. Our sales office in Weert (the Netherlands) plays a central role in this. The people who work here can talk to you in your own language. Our employees not only speak Dutch (their mother tongue), but also fluent German and English.

A contact person
Rapid contact is crucial for all our clients. This is why we keep the lines of communication short. As a SixPointTwo customer, you will have one fixed contact person to deal with from the start. He/she will translate your requirements and wishes to our colleagues in the Czech Republic. And something else important to know: your contact person is in direct contact with the Dutch management in the Czech Republic. This means you have a direct point of contact for every phase of the project: someone who always has the latest up-to-date information about your project, and someone you can always turn to.

Two success factors
SixPointTwo lets you take advantage of the benefits offered by nearshoring. This can be put down to two success factors: the Dutch approach (streamlined processes from preparation to implementation) and the Czech work ethic. Starting with the first success factor: our production site is modern and highly automated. Naturally, we comply with international standards concerning quality management, the environment, and health and safety. Our work processes are efficiently organised and carried out by our excellently trained Czech employees. They are highly motivated and extremely involved. And that’s our second success factor: the work ethic of our people

Tangible Benefits
With the best of both worlds, you benefit from cost savings and exceptionally short lead times. And with product quality as a certainty, we have optimally safeguarded quality within our organisation. Would you like to know more? We would be happy to tell you face to face and in your native language what this means for your company. So don’t hesitate to set up a meeting…


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