The devil is in the details…

Steel constructions fully protected

Shorter time to market?

In the Czech Republic, they are speeding things up!

The energy transition is in full swing

Czech metalwork for Dutch charging stations

Other actors, perfect performance

During peak season, the rolls of insulation just kept on coming…

Can’t find any skilled professionals?

The Czech task force is at your service!

Could I have a bit less, please?

Taking a realistic look at tolerances

From 3D design to product: that’s how it works

Edwin de Graaf on Bredenoord’s relationship with SixPointTwo: “A great, well-organised company that fits perfectly with our needs.”

Making the exact same thing, but in a different way?

Challenge us!

Want to ensure you don’t lose precious time?

Do the critical component check!

Why are we increasingly signing documents?

Because that’s part of the process…

More and more companies are departing China

How attractive is the factory of the world still?

How do you increase flexibility and production capacity with outsourcing?

Peter Nieland, Plant Manager of SmartMetals Mounting Solutions B.V. in Culemborg:
“SixPointTwo is part of our business process.”

Packing: a routine job or a job for specialists?

Tomáš Benda, Assembly Manager:
“Customers are amazed at what it entails.”

Building your future: how do you do it?

Štěpán Romanovský, junior technician:
“It’s the ideal job to learn and gain experience.”

How do you find a good assembly partner?

Bart Smulders of B-Style on working with SixPointTwo:
“You have to understand each other, without having to explain everything”

How do manual welders and welding robots work together effectively?

Aleš Pokoj: “Short preparation time and fast execution make the difference”

Behind the scenes of online shops and parcel delivery …

Every link is indispensable

Working at an internationally oriented company

Pascal Claessen: “Each day is a learning experience”

How do you distinguish yourself as an employer?

Magda Rajdlová: “We are a medium-sized professional company with a family atmosphere”

Assembly: to outsource or not to outsource, that is the question?

“Competitive lead times and golden Czech hands”

Aluminium boat lift sales are not lagging behind

Rene Blom: “Corona times have caused a boom”

The Netherlands and the Czech Republic: the best of both worlds

Do you want to do business? We speak your language!

Win-win situation for customers and SixPointTwo

EDI connection: taking the stress out of the order process

Reverse engineering: “SixPointTwo made it happen!”

How do you find a reliable second source supplier?

Efficient production automation starts with people work

ERP system and laser cutting machine understand each other

SixPointTwo has commissioned a second welding robot

The welding robot will never have to stand still again

Will blockchain become the source of truth in the steel market?

Tom Meulendijks: “SteelTrace is changing the supply chain!”

How are you helping Ukrainian colleagues and their families?

Jiří Vepřek: “We’re doing everything we can”

Powder coating or wet painting?

Ben Hoppener: “Impact resistance of powder coating is important advantage”

New style bicycle parking MB Fietsparkeren (bicycle parking)

Maurice Paulssen: “I make products I wouldn’t mind having myself.”

Human resources in times of scarcity

Magda Rajdlová: “Employee marketing? There’s no recipe for it!”

What are steel prices doing?

Arold Kanen: “Steel supply is gradually moving towards a normal level, price pressure remains volatile.”

Nearshoring offers interesting possibilities

Many companies work with a parallel supply chain. They don’t want to be dependent on a single supply chain.

Modernisation of company premises in the Netherlands

2017 is the year of renovation and refurbishment at our new company premises in the Netherlands.

Fit for a new season

Supply Chain Management is high-level sport.  And we want to achieve the best for our customers each and every day.


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