How do you find a good assembly partner?

Bart Smulders of B-Style on working with SixPointTwo:
“You have to understand each other, without having to explain everything”

How do manual welders and welding robots work together effectively?

Aleš Pokoj: “Short preparation time and fast execution make the difference”

Behind the scenes of online shops and parcel delivery …

Every link is indispensable

Working at an internationally oriented company

Pascal Claessen: “Each day is a learning experience”

How do you distinguish yourself as an employer?

Magda Rajdlová: “We are a medium-sized professional company with a family atmosphere”

Assembly: to outsource or not to outsource, that is the question?

“Competitive lead times and golden Czech hands”

Aluminium boat lift sales are not lagging behind

Rene Blom: “Corona times have caused a boom”

The Netherlands and the Czech Republic: the best of both worlds

Do you want to do business? We speak your language!

Win-win situation for customers and SixPointTwo

EDI connection: taking the stress out of the order process

Reverse engineering: “SixPointTwo made it happen!”

How do you find a reliable second source supplier?

Efficient production automation starts with people work

ERP system and laser cutting machine understand each other

SixPointTwo has commissioned a second welding robot

The welding robot will never have to stand still again

Will blockchain become the source of truth in the steel market?

Tom Meulendijks: “SteelTrace is changing the supply chain!”

How are you helping Ukrainian colleagues and their families?

Jiří Vepřek: “We’re doing everything we can”

Powder coating or wet painting?

Ben Hoppener: “Impact resistance of powder coating is important advantage”

New style bicycle parking MB Fietsparkeren (bicycle parking)

Maurice Paulssen: “I make products I wouldn’t mind having myself.”

Human resources in times of scarcity

Magda Rajdlová: “Employee marketing? There’s no recipe for it!”

What are steel prices doing?

Arold Kanen: “Steel supply is gradually moving towards a normal level, price pressure remains volatile.”

Nearshoring offers interesting possibilities

Many companies work with a parallel supply chain. They don’t want to be dependent on a single supply chain.

Modernisation of company premises in the Netherlands

2017 is the year of renovation and refurbishment at our new company premises in the Netherlands.

Fit for a new season

Supply Chain Management is high-level sport.  And we want to achieve the best for our customers each and every day.


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